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InsuranceLeads is the leading provider of sales leads for the insurance industry. We offer a quality lead product to help agents, brokers and carriers sell more policies. Make insurance leads a key element of your agency’s marketing mix to find prospects already looking for the insurance products you sell.

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With InsuranceLeads, you get the advantage of both quantity and quality. We’re the largest direct insurance lead generator with the second-largest customer base, and we recently won awards for conversion rate and qualification rate by the Leads360 Lead Industry Report.

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A Marketing Strategy For Insurance Agents To Succeed in A Crisis Economy

With a troubled economy and the high price of gas, more consumers are choosing to travel the information superhighway to research, compare prices and shop for insurance. As consumers become more Internet savvy, they are no longer content with insurance rates offered by their local insurance agency. The Internet allows consumers the convenience of comparing insurance quotes from a number of insurance agents and carriers in minutes, just by filling out one intuitive online questionnaire.

ComScore, a preeminent media research group, has recently studied online auto insurance shopping activity in the United States. The study showed that 32 million people went online to shop for auto insurance quotes, and over 12 million have actually purchased auto insurance policies. That’s a 37% increase compared to the year before. With such a massive flight of consumers to the Internet to shop for insurance, Internet insurance leads must be a major feature in your marketing portfolio. To direct some of that growing traffic your way you need Insurance Leads.com, the most prominent sign on the insurance superhighway.

Real Prospects With Real Interest in Quotes

Insurance Leads.com spends millions of dollars to capture hundreds of thousands of motivated prospects who are shopping for insurance online. Our insurance leads deliver real prospects, with real interest in insurance, just seconds after they’ve completed a detailed online questionnaire.

We notify our prospects which insurance agents will contact them with their insurance quotes. Insurance leads are filtered per your specification and integrated with the most prominent insurance management software and quoting engines used by agents. We can deliver insurance sales leads to your email inbox, database, or quoting engine, all at the most competitive pricing.

The Secret of Success When Working With Insurance Leads

The secret of success when working with Internet insurance leads starts with understanding that it’s a numbers game. For example, if you bought ten insurance leads per day and spent $100 dollars, on average you should reach and speak to at least five or six prospects. If one or two of them buy a policy, and you make $300 in commission over the life of each policy, you will make 300 to 600% ROI. The more insurance leads you buy the more money you’re going to make. Working with Internet insurance leads requires adopting a new strategy.

Don’t sweat every insurance lead; just make sure you are closing at least ten percent of the insurance leads you buy. If you use a proper follow-up system and keep in touch with those prospects you haven’t reached, you should be closer to closing 20% of your insurance leads. If you are not reaching this goal the problem might be in the quality of insurance sales leads you buy, or, the product you sell may not be competitive enough. Look into changing your insurance lead provider to Insurance Leads.com or change to a more competitive product. Remember, cheaper insurance leads are secondary to a good closing ratio.

Insurance Leads.com specializes in Auto Insurance LeadsHome Insurance LeadsLife Insurance LeadsHealth Insurance Leads and many more insurance sales leads for agents.

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