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Annuity Leads For New Agents

Are you new to the annuity leads game? Then you will be pleased to see how purchased online annuity leads can help you build business rapidly. Purchased online annuity leads from our service are composed of applicants expecting to receive an annuity quote, and the contact information is verified before you ever receive the annuity leads.

The annuity leads process is simple. First the consumer fills out a short questionnaire. We run it through our quality control system and then send the annuity leads to you. The annuity leads contain all the information you need to provide a preliminary quote.

You can choose to get annuity leads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and the volume of the annuity leads is up to you. As you become more comfortable with purchased annuity leads, you may choose to increase your volume or try live transfer annuity leads.