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How It Works

  1. InsuranceLeads operates a network of websites that helps consumers assemble competitive quotes from insurance agents.

  2. Consumers find our sites while searching for insurance-shopping terms on portals like Google and Bing, or by clicking ads on many of the web’s most popular sites.

  3. Once at the website, consumers fill out a detailed quote request form that is specific to the type of insurance they’re interested in buying.

  4. Our advanced technology distributes leads based on agent-created profiles – including geography, lifestyle filters and daily/weekly lead maximums.

  5. Agents get an excellent value: we offer one of the lowest shared lead caps in the industry.

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How we are leading the way for insurance agents to be successful.

Investing millions of dollars into generating the best leads possible for agents, InsuranceLeads.com has set itself apart from the competition.

For those not familiar with how the process works, it is a simple number of steps that will have you obtaining leads in no time.

First, since InsuranceLeads.com has high rankings on each search engine for thousands of keywords, consumers are sent directly to our or our partners’ insurance-related web sites. Consumers simply complete an online questionnaire that provides all the information an agent needs to prepare a quote.

Secondly, our system will in seconds match the consumer information with profiles of active agents in our database, sending that lead information to agents who possess matching profiles. The majority of times, consumers receive three to five comparative quotes from our agents. As soon as the matching is finalized, consumers receive an email introducing the agents they were referred to for quoting purposes.

Third, note that our quality control system will automatically screen for inaccurate details provided on the questionnaire. That information includes bogus names, phone numbers and emails.

Fourth, take comfort in knowing that along with a consistent volume of quality leads at competitive rates, our onboard customer service tools enable you to place temporary holds on leads delivery, activate/deactivate accounts, or request to talk with your account representative 24/7. Most importantly, YOU have control over the volume of leads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also limit the number of leads you receive by setting a budget limit. You can also put leads delivery on hold if need be.

Fifth, getting started is simple and you will receive 50% off your second lead type for 30 days on your initial account activation. You can receive your leads by email, and/or have them directly loaded into your database, lead management system or quoting engine. Another option is that you can select to receive live, double verified prospects transferred to your phone.

Most importantly, we know that we’re not successful without you.

When you stop and think about it, agents and InsuranceLeads.com make a great team. Join us today.