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Tips and Tools to Maximize Productivity, Efficiency and ROI

InsuranceLeads.com provides a smart leads management system with on-board tools that allow you to manage your leads 24/7. Here are a few tips on how to use these tools to maximize your productivity, efficiency and ROI.

Tip. Adjust leads volume as needed. Too busy handling existing business, planning to spend a day on appointments, following-up on the leads you have previously purchased, or otherwise can’t devote the time needed to productively handle the usual number of new leads on any given day? We can help!

Tool: Instantly increase or decrease volume of leads to match your workload. If, on any given day, you are shorthanded or have too much on your plate to effectively work all your scheduled leads, simply login to your account and lower your daily volume of leads. You can also control your volume by expanding or reducing your leads territory and filter selections. If you have more time, or you have hired help, adjust volume or territory to get more leads.

Tip. Place leads on hold when you can’t work them. Awaiting funds? Leaving for a vacation, or need to be out of the office for personal or professional reasons? Whatever the reason…

Tool. Just login and place your leads on hold 24/7. Our Customer Service tabs will list all your options. Choose “place/remove hold” and enter start and end dates for the hold. The hold will be effective immediately. You will not be receiving new leads until the end date, unless you log in again and either extended the hold or removed it.

Tip. Get live hot transfers. Prefer to spend productive time talking with prequalified interested prospects, instead of tracking them down? You got it! We will call prospects, verify their interest and transfer them to your phone live. We are the only leads company that offers hot transfers in all lines of insurance.

Tool. Sign up for our Hot Transfer service. Register, setup your criteria as usual, select Hot Transfer as the method of leads delivery and activate the account. We call prospects that have requested quotes online, and are qualified per your criteria. We verify their identity, interest in the quote and desire to speak with agent. These prospects are then transferred directly to your phone. The information provided by the prospect for the quote instantly appears on your computer a moment before the call is transferred. All you have to do is pick up phone during the dates and times you have specified. With our advanced technology you will never receive a second call while you are quoting another one. You can also adjust the frequency of transfers by changing number of lines we use to call prospects 24/7. You do not pay for leads, only for actual connections with prospects.