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Free Auto Insurance Leads for Sales Agents

Acquiring solid auto insurance leads can mean the difference between having a decent book of business and a great book of business.

Agents should be mindful of securing proven auto insurance leads to better their books of business.
Among people who have comparison shopped for auto insurance, 25 percent did so in response to a TV ad and 23 percent did so in response to direct mail.

As an agent looking for the best insurance leads, what are you doing to secure quality leads and prospective policyholders?

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A recent survey from Illinois-based Mintel Comperemedia shows that drivers are more than satisfied with their auto insurers.

Data pulled from the auto leads survey indicates one in two people (50 percent) have been a regular customer with their present auto insurer longer than five years. Just over one-fifth (21 percent) of respondents, show a two-to-five-year history with their present insurer.

As part of the auto insurance lead survey, Mintel Comperemedia questioned drivers on whether they would recommend their present auto insurer to family and friends. Nearly half (49 percent) would do just that, while another 31 percent said they would lean towards recommending their insurer.

According to Daniel Hayes, vice president of insurance services at Mintel Comperemedia, “Auto insurers are clearly doing something right, because the overwhelming majority of customers feel satisfied by their current provider. Most people aren’t shopping around for auto insurance frequently, and even when they do, it takes significant change in cost or customer service to make them switch.”

More information from the auto insurance lead survey indicates that six in 10 adults (62 percent) say they comparison shop for auto insurance less than once a year, with 29 percent stating they never shop around.

Receiving a bill is the main reason drivers compare auto insurers.

According to the survey, 48 percent of drivers who have shopped for auto insurance report they did it due to receiving a bill and felt they might be able to locate a better rate or coverage elsewhere.

Agents take note, customer service and agent accessibility proves very important, meaning auto insurance leads are critical to possibly landing a policyholder.

Half (51 percent) note they would comparison shop if they were dissatisfied with customer service, while 45% say they’d do so if their current agent wasn’t accessible enough.

“People comparison shop for auto insurance primarily to save money or find better customer service,” Hayes continued. “Because so many people are satisfied, however, companies need to find ways to make people question their current coverage. TV and direct marketing remain important vehicles for planting that idea in a consumer’s mind.”