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What Matters in Insurance Agency Advertising

An insurance agency, like pretty much any modern business, must base a great deal of its success and failure upon the impressions that it makes on potential and existing clients. in a field where trust is an essential part of making deals yet is often difficult to establish and maintain, making good impressions is an imperative part of helping an insurance agency to grow and become a recognizable and valued part of its local community. In fact, it is that community involvement which is often cited as one of the primary attractions towards a given insurance agency, and promoting the sense of belonging and dependability that comes with an established, trusted business should be among the first items of importance on any insurance agency’s list. In many ways, insurance agencies can create and perpetuate positive impressions through establishing good business practices and consistently delivering quality products and services, but this strategy can obviously take several years, failing to support an agency in its growing stage. That’s why understanding the essentials of good insurance agency advertising is so important.

One of the main components of successful insurance agency advertising is portraying a team rather than a sole individual. While independent insurance agents have other advertising strategies and objectives that can best help them to achieve their goals, agencies may wish to stray from focusing on only their most successful or high-profile agents, and consider highlighting the entire team, from the executive director to the front desk operator, and everyone in between. This can instantly add a sense of family and a comforting, friendly spirit to an agency’s advertising, and is likely to make new clients feel more at home with an agent or broker.

In addition to promoting this team-effort atmosphere, agencies can look for ways to incorporate advertising with community events and over important venues. While displaying an advertisement on a bus stop bench or in a classified newspaper ad, or playing a jingle over the local radio station may be comfortably traditional, they are likely to get prospects to shut out impressions quickly, as there is an absence of meaningful context and association. Working instead with community events such as children’s organized sports, community group fund raisers, and special holiday parties or gatherings can easily create the sense that an agency is part of the community’s professional fabric, making it seem more reliable, stable, and, ultimately, attractive.

Exploring multiple mediums for advertising is another vital aspect of good insurance agency advertising. Most agencies are likely familiar with traditional formats and may enjoy the option to quickly identify services and goods for creating campaigns, but taking risks and offering other kinds of advertising materials can make a big difference in efficacy. Avoiding clogging email inboxes or billboards with boring slogans or pictures, insurance agencies may wish to branch out and try distributing advertising placed on helpful items such as pens, calendars, mugs, or other affordable yet highly visible objects. When advertising goes beyond traditional formats and enters the home associated with useful things, it can prove especially beneficial.

Becoming an established, successful insurance agency takes time and a great deal of effort, but choosing powerful, effective advertising can go a long way towards jump-starting an agency’s local position, and can also help to improve its public image over time. Careful attention to creating the best impression possible is bound to yield excellent results, no matter the line of insurance in which an agency works.

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