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Converting Life Insurance Sales Leads into Policies

Sales Tips: Converting Life Insurance Leads into Policies

Life insurance leads can be extremely valuable in the right hands, but it takes strong resolve and good sales techniques to improve conversion rates. Many salespeople get a list of leads and start calling through them immediately, but the best techniques often require a bit of planning.

A good list of leads will have more than just a name and contact info. Lead lists might include information about the potential customer’s job, age or address, and this information should be used for a little bit of preparation. Salespeople can try to find approximate quotes for their life insurance leads before ever picking up the phone. This allows for an array of exciting opening lines, which can be used to grab the potential customer’s attention and to introduce a clear benefit as early as possible in the sales call.

Overall, selling life insurance requires more charisma, experience and patience than anything else. Try to keep the lead on the phone for as long as possible and prompt the potential customer to ask for more information. Answer questions simply and truthfully. Try a mix of high-pressure and low-pressure sales tactics to get a feel of what works and what doesn’t work. When working from a good list of life insurance leads, it can be much easier to convert the leads into customers, but successful sales will always require adequate forethought and planning on the part of the salesperson.