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The Benefits of Search-Generated Auto Insurance Leads

A good list of auto insurance leads is worth its weight in gold, particularly when the leads are customized to give the salesperson the best possible opportunities at conversion. Search-generated lists of leads can be particularly useful when used correctly.

Of course, it will still take some amount of planning to use any list of leads. Salespeople should try to use search generation as a tool to develop individual pitches to certain types of potential customers. For instance, if a search tool allows leads to be chosen by address, it may be a good idea to try to choose auto insurance leads within a certain geographic range for a location-specific pitch or certain types of car owners for a vehicle-specific pitch.

The more detailed the search generation tool, the more options that the salesperson will have. If lists of leads can be generated for different age groups, it should be very easy to choose older individuals and make low-pressure sales calls, leading with questions about their current insurance policies and their driving habits to develop an individual-specific pitch. Likewise, it will be easy to find younger leads, who might respond better to a higher-pressure sales technique.

Sales managers can also use a search-generated list of auto insurance leads to illustrate certain sales techniques to a team. With enough planning, search-generate lists of insurance leads can be extremely effective and can quickly give an insurance sales team a major advantage during cold calls.