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Insurance Agent’s Guide to Success in 2011

Every insurance agent knows how important good quality leads are for their success. There are various ways of generating one’s auto insurance leads today however, not all lead generation method turns out to be successful. Generating auto insurance leads requires a lot of experience as it involves several steps before you can segregate prospective leads from useless leads.

One of the most important steps involved in the auto insurance leads generation process is categorization of your leads. The quality of each lead varies and not all leads can be converted into policies. As an insurance agent you should be able to categorize your auto insurance leads so that you concentrate on more prospective leads first rather than wasting your time on leads that have the least conversion possibilities.

Here are a few factors that you need to take into consideration while categorizing and qualifying your needs.

First of all you need to remember that every vehicle owner is your lead but those vehicle owners that are seeking to renew their auto insurance policies in the near future are more prospective leads. So when you are categorizing your leads, you need to make sure to categorize them in terms of insurance policy due dates. This will help you plan your conversion efforts. This again will depend on the leads that you have at a given point of time. If you have generated 20 leads, you will have to first put them into groups in terms of whom to approach first.

One of the biggest challenges in generating, categorizing and qualifying your own leads is that you will need to find time for lead conversions as well. If you are going to spend all your time in generating the highest quality leads and spend very little time on conversions and follow ups then your efforts will be futile. As an insurance agent you should be spending more time on converting your leads.

Lead generation can be done by anyone but that is not the case with lead conversions. So you should not become an auto insurance agent turned lead generator; today the auto insurance industry is fully saturated with competition so every insurance agent is facing problems with increasing their conversion rates. You cannot therefore afford to lose your time in lead generation.

Getting your auto insurance leads from a reliable lead generation company will save you a lot of time. They will help you with highly qualified leads. You just need to spend minimal time in reviewing the leads you buy to come up with your own conversion strategies. This way, you will be able to give yourself enough time to come up with powerful conversion strategies as you will no longer be preoccupied with generating leads, categorizing them or qualifying them.

Whether you generate your own auto insurance leads or buy them from a lead generation company, make sure that they are qualified leads so that you do not waste your precious time on poor quality leads.