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Educate the Insurance Consumer and Ring in the Bucks

Want a way to establish yourself in the industry and gain trust with clients? Focus on providing educational information. Don’t be fooled into thinking that an educational venture doesn’t translate into much money. Consumers are always looking for reliable information on insurance, a topic that confuses the average insurance quote shopper.

Ways to Educate

  • Newsletter: A newsletter should be more informational and not a long advertisement. It keeps you in regular contact with your clientele and builds a relationship with them.
  • Website: A website explaining complicated insurance topics, especially for less known products like annuities is a great way to gain a potential client’s business.
  • Seminar: Holding local seminars on insurance gives you added credentials as an insurance expert and direct contact with potential prospects.
  • Detailed Quotes: Even when giving an insurance quote, you should educate the consumer on his or her options based on their particular financial situation.

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