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Four Questions to Ask a Good Insurance Lead Generation Company

When it comes to choosing a food lead generation company, consider these four questions in your search.

  1. What are the contract terms?
  2. What are the source of the insurance leads?
  3. How do you ensure the insurance leads are viable?
  4. What happens if I receive a fraudulent insurance leads?

InsuranceLeads.com has the best terms around. There is no contractual agreement needed to buy insurance leads. This means agents can modify their volume of insurance leads, place their account on hold or cancel without incurring additional fees. This is a great advantage because the InsuranceLeads.com lead generation service adapts to the changing needs of your business.

Our insurance leads come from reliable sources. We run many consumer websites that rank high on most search engines, and also have affiliates that help supply us with insurance leads. Never will a prospect be tricked into providing information or solicited to request an insurance quote with promise of a prize or sweepstakes entry.

A high quality insurance lead should go through several layers of screening before it is considered a leads. The technology utilized by InsuranceLeads.com uses no less than thirty three specific checks for each and every insurance lead that is submitted to our servers.

We put agent satisfaction first, in the event that an insurance lead has inaccurate contact information, we have a great credit policy in place to protect you.