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Getting Insurance Referrals from Your Clients

Referrals are the lifeblood of any business, but does the thought leave you feeling a little anxious? Not asking for referrals is not an option if you plan to stay in the insurance industry. Here are some suggestions if you feel a little lost in this area.

If you have a very quiet, shy or soft-spoken client, they may appreciate a straightforward request for a referral. Explain what referrals mean for your business and remind them of the services that you provide. Consumers like these appreciate an honest and direct conversation. If they seem engaged in what you are saying, ask if they may know someone who could use your insurance services.

Another approach is to ask your client to evaluate the job you are doing. If they are satisfied you can ask them afterwards if they could pass your name around to friends and family, or if you could get their contact information.

Any time you have some sort of personal contact with a client whether it be phone or a meeting in person, it is a good opportunity to ask for referrals.