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Getting the Most Out of Your Agency Marketing

With an economy that seems stuck in neutral at best, what is your insurance agency doing to get the word out about the services you can offer consumers?


As advertising dollars are spent very closely to the vest, it is important to get the most for your dollar when trying to spread the word about your agency.


The bottom line is that many agencies end up spending a large amount of resources towards marketing collateral that never fully connects with the targeted audience. The result is wasted money that could have been better spent elsewhere.


If your agency isn’t getting what it feels is the right bang for its buck, then make sure you revisit what you’re doing when it comes to marketing. Remember, you need to differentiate your agency from every other one, promoting 100 percent how your company can better assist the consumer than anyone else.


In the event you need to take a fresh approach toward marketing, there are several steps you can initiate in better improving things.


First, get your marketing plan in place by having all the key players in your office who will be working on it offering feedback. Look at the plan’s pros and cons and determine how much money you can spend to market.


As noted earlier, be sure to point out how your insurance product/s differs from the competition and why consumers would turn to you for their insurance needs.


Along with brochures and flyers, be sure to use the electronic age to spread the word about your business.


Agency owners need to utilize the Internet as much as possible to market their companies. Among ways to do this would be spreading the word via blogs, social media sites like (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and podcasts.


You can also look into partnering with a carrier, a vendor that makes available a unique service, or even another agency that complements your company. A co-branded marketing campaign could improve your credibility, allow you access to new markets, and increase the premium that a customer would be willing to pay.


Be sure to author marketing materials for consumers that are put together in a clear and engaging tone that does not cram sales down their heads and focuses mostly on how you can help them.


If you are having trouble getting the materials started, just remember you always have the option of bringing on a professional to put the items together.


While you will see some extra expenses by making such a move, you can rest assured that you will not be saddled with this project and it is hopefully in the hands of a capable individual.


Whether you do it or an outside individual or firm does it, marketing your agency will hopefully bring you the positive results you are looking for.