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Making an Effective Newsletter for Insurance Consumers

Newsletters are gaining in popularity among agents because they:

  • Keep your name fresh in your clients mind
  • Give your business a professional and well-established persona
  • Create rapport between the agent and clients

A badly crafted newsletter won’t help your cause. Remember these tips to creating a fantastic and effective insurance newsletter.

  • Your newsletter should contain information pertinent to an insurance consumer, not an insurance agent.
  • The newsletter should read more like an informational article and not an ad. If you sell your services to aggressively, your newsletter will feel more like spam and not be taken seriously.
  • Use online services that can format, create content and distribute the newsletter for you to save time.
  • Above all, keep grammatical errors out of your newsletter. There is nothing more unprofessional than typos and misspelled words.

Following these tips can get you on the road to creating a newsletter that enhances your business’ potential and keeps you in regular contact with your clients.