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Market Yourself to Beat the Competition

Competition is high, so insurance agents need to differentiate themselves and focus on the best insurance lead generation channels.

The greatest advantage to purchased online insurance leads is 100 percent of the people you are in contact with are active insurance shoppers. You can take purchased insurance leads a step further by trying live transfer, also known as hot transfer, insurance leads. If you want to advertise in addition to receiving your prequalified insurance leads, keep these tips in mind.

What products and services do you have to offer, what age or demographic group is likely to be interested in your insurance products? Some insurance products like annuities, final expense insurance, long term care insurance and others are especially geared toward senior individuals. Renters insurance, auto insurance and life insurance may have special appeal to a younger demographic.

When you get insurance leads through InsuranceLeads.com, you can choose the specific type of clients you are looking for, whether it be of a certain age, or those with fewer claims, depending on the filters you choose.

With advertising, you can choose television which is expensive, but reaches a large diverse audience and gives you instant prestige and recognition among consumers. Radio advertising can reach many consumers for a fraction of the cost of television and it’s great for targeting specific types of audiences. Billboards and bench advertisings are relatively inexpensive and can be seen by many people. The problem is it’s hard to target your audience with these sorts of advertisements. Whatever you choose, having a marketing and advertising plan that is tailored to the kind of insurance products you sell is the key to a successful marketing campaign.