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Reaching New Markets and Insurance Prospects

Sometimes even experienced agents ignore some important advertising venues that could translate to sales. Are you overlooking these hidden marketing sources?

  • FM/AM Radio
  • Online Radio
  • Foreign Language Markets
  • Email Newsletter Advertisements

An ad on radio can be as much as thirty times less than that on TV, and still reach a large number of people. Radio advertisements are more informal but just as effective in increasing brand recognition as television ads. Online radio stations are gaining in popularity as more people listen to these stations while at work. Creating advertisements in languages prevalent in your area can reach another group of potential insurance prospects. Even if you don’t have your own newsletter or website, you can still take advantage of the internet. Email newsletters with already established audiences and mailing lists are more than willing to embed your advertisement within the newsletter. InsuranceLeads.com is dedicated to helping you succeed in business. Using our qualified online insurance leads is the ultimate step in creating a consistent stream of business.