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Tips for a Great Insurance Blog

Blogs are popping up on every insurance website these days. For a successful blog that creates more insurance leads follow these key rules for great insurance blogs.

Keep it fresh. Stale, old content not only hurts search rankings, but it doesn’t give your insurance audience a reason to come back. Try to at the very minimum post new blogs once a week, more if you can.

Websites are a reflection of your business and blogs are no different. Keep your blog informal, but don’t cross the line of professionalism. Keep content high quality with correct grammar, no misspelled words or politically incorrect content.

Blogs can also feature guest writers that may have useful information to share with your insurance customers. Such guests would be other professionals related to the insurance industry you are in or type of product you sell. For example if you specialize in long term care insurance, maybe an entry by a home nursing professional would be a good change of pace from your usual blog.

Your insurance blog should read more like a journal entry and less like an ad. Too much advertising can turn readers off from reading your insurance blog.