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Qualified Concierge Calls

Give your producers the keys to success with our live transfer product. Whether you manage a team of agents or a call center, we’ll transfer interested prospects directly to your representative.

Benefits of Our Live Connect Concierge System

  • Increase Conversion Rates and Decrease Frustration
    We directly call and verify the buying interest of each lead before transferring the customer to you, so you only pay for actual connections.
  • Individually Pre-Screened
    Our advanced technology ensures your pre-defined filters are met so you’re connected with consumers who are qualified for the insurance policies you sell.
  • Save Time & Resources
    We confirm consumers want to speak with one of your agents right now, so you avoid the cost of working unqualified, uninterested, or difficult-to-contact leads.

How Our Live Connect Concierge System Works

  1. Consumers complete a detailed quote request form that is specific to the type of insurance they’re interested in buying.
  2. Our advanced technology distributes leads based on agent-specific profiles – including geography, filters, and hourly/daily transfer maximums.
  3. Our concierge team calls the consumer and verifies they want to speak with one of your agents right now and we transfer the live phone call and data directly to your sales team.
  4. You will receive the lead data via email and the Live Connect Concierge (LCC) web portal
  5. You get an excellent value: you only pay for the phone call – no set-up fees!