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Qualified Insurance Traffic

Our network provides the highest quality consumer insurance traffic to carriers and online insurance providers.

Drive pre-qualified consumers – those who have already expressed an interest in receiving an insurance quote – to your website, and target these highly qualified consumers in ways not available from click aggregators.  We call this “Qualified Insurance Traffic.”

Benefits of Qualified Insurance Traffic

  • The Absolute Best Quality Traffic
    We market directly to consumers online on a scale that very, very few marketers do, allowing us to offer volume and quality that is simply not available elsewhere.
  • A Closed-Loop Feedback System to Drive the Results You Want
    Our advertisers can choose to automatically participate in a closed-loop feedback mechanism that allows you to tune performance.  Our Account Managers have line-of-sight all the way back to the campaign and creative that the consumer responded to.
  • A Conversion Booster: We Can Pre-Populate Your Website’s Forms
    With AWL’s Qualified Insurance Traffic you can choose to use the consumer data we have already collected to pre-populate forms on your website and increase conversions.
  • Highly Targeted Traffic
    Reach only the consumers that make sense for your business.  Target your advertising by insurance product type, geography, and even consumer demographics.
  • Industry-leading Service
    Dedicated Account Managers available when you need email or phone assistance.
  • Only Pay for the Consumers Who Click on your Ads
    Our pay-per-click (PPC) model means that you only pay for the traffic that clicks on your ad listing.

How AWL Delivers Qualified Insurance Traffic for Your Advertising Needs:

  1. AWL online campaigns drive consumers to our network of insurance-comparison-shopping websites.
  2. When they respond to an AWL campaign, these consumers proceed through the AWL consumer workflow and provide information about themselves and the insurance product(s) they are interested in receiving quotes for.
  3. As a part of the AWL consumer workflow, qualified consumers are shown relevant offers (ads) from our advertisers.
  4. As an advertiser, you only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost and how does it work?
A: You only pay when a consumer who is searching for insurance clicks on your ad listing (“cost-per-click”).  A consumer will be shown your listing only if the information they provide us in our quote form matches the profile of whom you’re seeking to provide advertising to.

Q: What is the quality compared with other click marketplaces?
A: We differentiate ourselves from the other click marketplaces in that we generate a majority of our own traffic through direct marketing-to-consumer campaigns. We do not arbitrage traffic and we prequalify each consumer’s intent to purchase insurance through a lead form.

Q: What conversions of ad display-to-click should I expect?
A: Given the variety of consumers that come through our 400+ websites, the click through rate will vary.  While we cannot predict how your ad will perform on average we find that click through rates will be consistent with those of paid search campaigns off of generic keywords.

Q: How can I get more information?
A: Please complete and submit the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.