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Renter Insurance Leads

Lead the Way to Better Renters’ Insurance Selling Opportunities

Insurance agents who have been toying with the idea of selling renters’ insurance can find this coverage a great line to tie in with auto and homeowners’ insurance.

While it is important to point out that renters’ insurance is not the most competitive line out there, it can deliver agents a lot more business, so you should certainly make a pitch for it.

For those agents looking for renters’ insurance, one recommendation is to zero in on high-end apartment complexes.

By doing so, you create opportunity to form a strong relationship with apartment management in order to market coverage to present tenants and those coming in down the road. Given that many complexes will have an agent they recommend for renters’ insurance, be sure you are on that list.

Agents new to the arena of renters’ insurance and looking for leads need to keep several factors in mind:

  • Renters’ insurance typically offers policyholders with protection against damage resulting from fire, smoke, lightning, vandalism, theft and several other causes. Coverage also prevents renters from major financial issues should a guest be injured on their property. These are all good points to provide to a renter when trying to sell them coverage.
  • Leads provide agents with a great marketing tool to assist them in finding more customers. Purchasing leads from a qualified leads provider is the way to go. If you don’t know who to buy leads from, one way to scout a leads provider is by reviewing their ratings. Also make sure the leads provider has a good credit policy for any bogus leads. Finding a company with pre-determined filters is a good way to locate the leads to best fit your needs.

Given a tough economy where more consumers are finding the need to rent instead of buy, and more individuals are renting out rooms since they can’t afford their monthly mortgage payments, there is great potential for agents to sell renters’ policies.

With a solid book of renters’ insurance coverage, you could find yourself leading the way to greener pastures.