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“Every dollar counts! I love the live transfer calls- our closing ratio is AWESOME with your leads!”

State Farm Agent in MD

“Thank you guys so much for all the work you do on my account. This is the best week I’ve had for sales since 2007. I’d love more leads in my old profiles but my lead volume in the new profiles is awesome. I have not been this optimistic in over half a decade-not since the market tanked. I hope you have a great weekend!”

Michael Cardigan,
Insurance Agent

“Just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING and to let you know how grateful I am to work with your company. Over the years I’ve worked with _____, _____, and most of the other big insurance lead companies and I have to say that none of them have been as pleasant to work with than you.”

Joseph Gargiulo,
Liberty Mutual Agent
Commack, NY

“Your leads are working out great!! I am writing about 1 out of every 2 leads I get from you guys, if not every single lead! Thanks so much!”

Nate Schmidt,
Farmers Agent,
Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for the quick action crediting my lead!!!! 6/7 leads received thus far and have been wonderfull!!!! Much better than _____ keep it up!!!!”

David Lee Burroughs,
Pineville, LA

“Your company has been fantastic. We have been purchasing leads from Insuranceleads.com for the past couple of years and our monthly premium is averaging approximately 600k/a month just off your website alone!

Additionally, our representative, Luis Amezcua has been great. He is very attentive and has always catered to our needs. We have already referred a few agents that are now using your website and their premium has increased substantially. We plan on bringing on anywhere from 20-30 more agents that will be using Insuranceleads.com here within the next couple of months. Thank you for the business!! Keep the quality leads coming!!”

Wayne Miller,
Independent Sales Manager,
Indianapolis, IN

“The Health insurance leads are top notch. I prefer to have those over any I’ve had in the past who sell them to more brokers than they represent. Very few credits needed.”

Mike Campbell,
Independent Insurance Professional,
Pensacola, FL

“I have been receiving leads for a little over a week and at this point I am very satisfied. As you know it usually takes several weeks to turn leads into sales. I have more leads working and genuine interest than any other internet leads I have ever worked. I have not had one complain that they have been receiving a lot of calls like I usually see with internet leads. If these work as well as I expect I will be really happy. Thanks for all you do!”

Michael Cannon,
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Agent,
Lubbock, TX

“I’ve been buying leads from you for over a year, I had a couple of the other lead generating companies as well. By far I have had the MOST success converting your leads into policies. In 2 weeks, I got 28 leads, and converted 12, that’s almost a 43% closing ratio. And out of those, I might get another 1-3 policies. I’m a happy camper!!!!! Oh and by the way…I turned off the other companies and now I’m all yours. If you ever need to give an agent a reference of who’s doing leads through you guys, have them call me, I’m a real agent, and this works guaranteed. The leads work, call me and I’ll tell you how to make it work for you.”

John Gittisarn,
Farmer’s Insurance,
Los Angeles, CA

“I am very pleased with your leads. We have written 4-5 households so far.”


“Hey Man,
Thanks for helping me out with this today. I am really impressed with the customer service so far with the company. Hopefully if the leads are half as great, I will be sending you personally more agents! Is there any way when I do the referrals I can send them directly to you, or does it matter? Thanks again.”

Jarred McNutt

“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your Lead source is one if not the BEST in the leads supply market. I have tried a number of other sources, and yours is the most user friendly, and easiest to work with. A number of other agents that I have turned on to you are happy as well. You all keep up the GREAT work.”

Jerry W.Garrett,
Insurance Specialist

“In my 30 years in the insurance business InsuranceLeads.com is the best lead source I have ever used. It is a pleasure doing business with you.”