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Annuity Leads That Won’t Leave You with an Empty Nest

We offer indexed annuity and fixed annuity leads with a great variety of options. Annuity leads are also in high demand, but are difficult to generate. Just as long term care and disability leads they tend to be more heavily concentrated in senior market.

We are spending over a quarter million marketing dollars each month to generate volume of quality annuity, as well as LTC and disability insurance leads. We use internet as well as conventional marketing methods, targeting senior demographics to generate sufficient volume of quality prospects interested in annuity, disability and LTC leads.

Leads contain information to enable agents to provide prospects with a quote. Once information is provided and a prospect’s interest is confirmed the lead is being instantly matched with profiles of active agents on our network, with a choice of quotes from most respected carriers and financial entities offering annuity business in their state.

Annuity leads are sold at most competitive rates compared to other major leads vendors. Limit intake of any leads on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, as well as territory by; selected zip codes, radius around a zip code at no additional charges.

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