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Car Insurance Leads Driving You to Success

If you are selling car insurance and you feel like you’re stuck in neutral, you can drive on over to InsuranceLeads.com for the best car insurance leads.

Buy obtaining leads directly from InsuranceLeads.com, you will discover that higher closing ratios and greater incomes are just two of the benefits when using high quality car insurance leads.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we are committed to offering only the best prequalified car insurance leads. At InsuranceLeads.com we do not solicit car insurance leads with prizes or sweepstakes.

Putting our high tech quality control system into drive, we make sure car insurance leads are verified for the correct address and phone number.

Another great feature with us is that bad leads will always be refunded should they arise, making sure you obtain high quality car insurance leads in real time.

InsuranceLeads.com uses a state of the art quality control system, therefore putting car insurance leads through more than 30 different checks prior to being sent to you. This process is conducted instantaneously in order to allow you to be able to receive your car insurance leads in real time.

Up to five follow up emails can be passed through our system on behalf of you the agent for your car insurance leads. Our online accounts services permit you to customize you car insurance leads filters or change the amount of car insurance leads you receive, including territory.

Another bonus using InsuranceLeads.com is that we are true pioneers when it comes to the hot transfer or live transfer of car insurance leads.

A hot transfer lead places you on the phone with a consumer in search of a quote. What that means is that potential customers call you, instead of you calling them.

We are committed to providing you a variety of services to drive your business to the next level. Best of all, our friendly customer service support team is parked and ready to help if you are in need of any assistance.

Given the fact that InsuranceLeads.com is driven by a group of former insurance professionals and information technology experts, you will ride down the road of success when it comes to your car insurance leads.

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