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Customized Health Insurance Leads

There are so many venues that offer health insurance leads but few can compare to the service and quality of InsuranceLeads.com.

Our leads are screened for errors and falsified information, while our call center verifies the contact information provided. We credit any health insurance leads with inaccurate contact information back to you, so there is no risk incurred.

InsuranceLeads provides all around service to insurance agents of all types and experience level. We supply free email templates you can use to contact your health insurance leads, informational articles, friendly customer service and online account access. The best part about purchasing health insurance leads from InsuranceLeads.com is there are no contracts. So you can try our service with no commitment, to see if it will work for your business.

When receiving health insurance leads you can use customizable filters and receive leads tailored to your products. We also are leading the industry in live transfers. This exciting development transfers health insurance leads directly to you over the phone. If you are interested in obtaining high quality health insurance leads at a reasonable price, InsuranceLeads.com is for you.