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Health Insurance Agents and Finding Healthy Leads

For those insurance agents selling health insurance, one of if not the hardest parts of the process is generating enough high quality leads.

As any agent can tell you, they have had to deal with cold calling all day without making a single sale along the way or even reeling in a single prospect worthy of following up. Even the best of agents have found difficulty at times when they do not have quality leads to work with. What happens? Potential sales fall by the wayside and into the hands of the competition.

For those few who have large enough budgets for ads and other means of getting their message out, they can perhaps forgo a large number of leads to stay competitive. For many agents, however, leads are their lifeline to the outside world and attracting new clients.

If you have not already, purchasing health insurance leads is something that you should certainly consider. Make sure, however, to have a list of questions ready for whichever leads provider you go with so that you have the answers you need to comfortably purchase leads and work with a quality provider.

The majority of companies who sell online health insurance leads utilize their marketing skills. These lead providers attract targeted traffic via search engines like Yahoo and Google to name just two, with the traffic from these sites consisting of a large percentage of consumers who are actively seeking to acquire online health insurance.

The key as many agents know is getting access to real time leads.

For newer agents not aware of this process, this is where the lead provider directs real time traffic to your locale, allowing you to follow up with the consumer while they’re still online. The bottom line here is that you’re getting leads much fresher than those you purchase offline.

There are other advantages to going with online leads, including one major plus in that they can be filtered to meet your specifications.

Although some may think they can or need to, agents cannot work 24/7, so filters not only help you work with the best prospects, but you can also set your leads to when the best times are to work them.

Most importantly, be it health insurance leads or any other kind of coverage for that matter, agents need to act quickly on a lead.

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “You snooze you lose,” and it truly relates to the insurance field. Today’s consumer wants their insurance yesterday, not today.

If a lead comes across your desk, act on it and make your best pitch to be that person’s newest agent and hopefully for you their last.