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Health Insurance Leads Made Easy

Health insurance is probably the most competitive insurance agent market (next to car insurance). Some insurance agents are turning to purchased health insurance leads to gain a competitive edge.

A good health insurance leads generation service will serve the interests of the insurance agent. InsuranceLeads.com has distinguished itself as an all around marketing resource for insurance agents of all experience levels. Providing quality health insurance leads is the main concern. Bad health insurance leads waste your time and money. We gather our health insurance leads through our network of insurance quote websites. We never solicit quotes with special offers for prizes or to be entered into a sweepstakes. The visitors that request insurance quotes through our websites are actually in the process of searching for health insurance.

Before you ever receive the health insurance leads, they are screened through our system and phone numbers are verified through our call center. If by some chance an agent gets a health insurance lead with inaccurate contact information, we credit the cost of the health insurance lead back to your account. If you are serious about taking your insurance business to the next level, get health insurance leads from InsuranceLeads.com