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Improve the Health of Your Leads Fast and Easy

InsuranceLeads.com has helped countless agents increase their business success with their qualified health insurance leads. Online health insurance leads vary in price and quality. Our service is affordable with no long term contracts to get tied up in. We use a detailed screening process to ensure all health insurance leads are legitimate and have correct contact information. If somehow an insurance agent receives a bogus health insurance lead, we credit the full amount back to the agent’s account.

InsuranceLeads.com also provides it agents with tools to increase their closing ratio such as helpful tips, real-time health insurance leads and live transfers and email templates for contacting their health insurance lead. Many agents appreciate how online health insurance leads have streamlined their business operations. Instead of spending precious time searching for new clients, hot health insurance leads come directly to them.

Health insurance leads are a good marketing investment because it puts your resources into serious health insurance shoppers instead of hit or miss advertising. Our customer service staff is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you have, or you can manage your health insurance leads online. Increase your closing ratio and income with prequalified health insurance leads from InsuranceLeads.com.