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Are Old Insurance Advertising Ideas Still Good

The widespread availability of modern technology has resulted in a significant push for companies in every field to begin incorporating new ideas and methodologies in their work, a push that has in turn helped to create a more mobile, globalized, and convenient life for millions of people. Bringing this advent of new methodologies to the world of insurance sales has changed the face of the industry, allowing agents new opportunities for honing their skills and reaching a larger, more targeted audience. Most insurance agents and brokerages were likely to report a high degree of satisfaction with today’s availability of technology. The use of helpful office equipment and computers can make work much more efficient, and the incorporation of the internet into an insurance firm’s overall strategy can greatly expand its scope and power. But there are some who consider these opportunities to be negative, and who do not support the use of new technologies and ideas. Just so, when it comes to insurance advertising ideas, the field is split between those who embrace modern directions in advertising, and others who prefer the style and substance of traditional methods.

Questioning whether old insurance advertising ideas are still good is principally a matter of investigating the potential of various advertising methods to effectively reach audiences. Many traditional ideas in insurance advertising have been criticized on precisely this consideration; while placing advertisements on billboards, in newspapers, on the radio, and on television may be familiar ways to convey an insurance firm’s individual message, some would argue that they fail to truly speak to potential clients. This may be a result of the expectation among consumers that insurance agencies will advertise using these mediums, and are thus able to ignore the message at will.

The content of traditional insurance advertising is also frequently under fire. Many insurance advertisements and campaigns that are now showing their age are focused on using standard formats and scripts for communicating messages to audiences, and while these methods are clearly proven to be effective in many years of collective experience and in documented literature, the style of the presentation and its apparent predictability sends some modern insurance agents running. As an alternative, many insurance agents interested in creating “fresh” campaigns place their focus upon making impressions, rather than leading potential clients through common-sense persuasions or other classic formats. Of course, the efficacy of either method is largely dependent upon the size of the audience being reached; cool ads that make for good impressions may be great for a large firm with operations in several states, but a single agent working on a local scale will likely attract more clients through engaging in an advertising conversation with the audience.

Advocates of modern insurance advertising ideas are likely to point to the internet as one of the most promising tools for reaching out to audiences, and the distinct clash between this method and older ideas incorporating audiovisual and printed media offline is likely responsible for a fair amount of the disagreement between these two camps. However, compromises may be possible; using traditional insurance advertising formats and strategies in an online forum can help bridge the old and the new for insurance agencies, letting them adjust to new technologies without losing their original preferences. By considering new insurance advertising ideas for their own merit rather than their popularity or degree of comfort will result in the most practical and potentially successful perspective on whether to embrace the new or defend the old -or both.

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