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How are Great Insurance Advertising Slogans Made

They’re sung in the shower. They’re hummed in the middle of traffic jams. They weave in and out of consciousness, influencing buying decisions long after they’ve been introduced. They’re valuable gems that can be crafted to meet any and every specification, but not all business slogans succeed. Some quickly become associated with negative elements and may require immediate re-branding efforts for damage control, while others may simply flop and never stick in the mind of a single audience member. The creation of a quality slogan with the potential to promote a brand on a consistent basis is one of the most important pursuits a business can have, but it is by no means a simple or luck-based process. In the insurance world, where impressions comprise a remarkable portion of the success or failure of a firm, having excellent insurance advertising slogans is imperative. But how are such slogans made?

Some slogans might be described as silly, while others take on a more serious tone. There are insurance slogans that incorporate literary devices such as alliteration and others that seem far removed from any nuances of refined language. There are slogans for insurance companies that span the full spectrum of directions and ideas in insurance sales, and all have varying degrees of success. Though the mass of existing slogans may be a little messy, their collective message is clear: there is no magic formula for creating perfect insurance advertising slogans. While this may be a bit of a disappointment to some insurance agents and companies, it also allows for an important creative process that can help an agency improve its image internally, leading to better advertising results overall.

A primary part of creating insurance advertising slogans is identifying one or two elements about a firm or its offerings that should be highlighted. It can be tempting to produce an exhaustive list of a firm’s qualities and goals, but such lists are best left to mission statements and other pieces of literature that have the space and the interest for length. When it comes to creating a powerful slogan, brevity is essential. Condensing the chosen element or elements into a short phrase is sometimes a difficult step, but playing around with words can lead to an acceptable solution in most cases. After a basic phrase has been created, the slogan should be re-considered, tested, and refined several times until it is just right. Using the slogan that is first produced without revisions may seem like a good idea, especially for those agents who are pressed for time, but the importance of the slogan warrants a great deal of careful consideration, and returning to a slogan in intervals after it has been created will reveal any problems or bad choices that were initially hidden.

Creating excellent insurance advertising slogans without the assistance of a professional agency or consultant is certainly possible, though a number of agents and brokerages prefer to place their trust in the experience and knowledge of someone well-qualified for the job. It is important, however, to note that even when using a professional service, slogans may turn out to be less successful than anticipated, and may need to be revised or entirely re-invented in the future. Ultimately, a determined attitude and a bit of fun encouraged along the way can lead to the perfect slogan whether it’s created with the help of an outside agency or is an entirely in-house affair.

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