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How do You Secure Insurance Advertising Samples

Performing any new task for the first time or breaking into a novel part of a business can be intimidating, and the desire for examples to help guide an individual or group effort is often a strong one. In the insurance field, it can be especially challenging to begin work on a new aspect of one’s career or to take part in a new project at a firm, considering the high concentration that most agents prefer to apply to the skills they already retain. But advertising is an essential part of the insurance business, and at some point or another, pretty much every agent will have to work with the advertising process in some capacity. There are many resources available for individuals and teams who are new to advertising, both in print and offline, yet many new advertisers may search for specific samples that they can use to get a feel for how industry advertising looks, as well as how a given insurance advertising agency might create a finished product.

Finding such samples isn’t quite as straightforward as might be expected, simply because of the many factors that go into each individual advertising campaign. While a certain small firm interested in beginning an advertising effort might study the campaign of a well-established, national insurance agency and hope to get creative and strategic ideas, the elements that proved effective for the original firm are not likely to extend to the new one. Accordingly, sourcing insurance advertising samples that are a good representation of the kind of firm that is performing the research is vital. Keeping this basic guideline in mind, curious beginning advertisers can simply become more aware of their working environments to obtain meaningful insurance advertising samples. Taking the time to consider different aspects of advertisements in traditional media as well as online and other forms of distribution will help create a good idea of what has been communicated to the public. In turn, this can allow for insight into how those communications can be modified or enhanced to set a firm apart from its competition.

It’s also important to obtain samples from insurance advertising companies before committing to a contract or other agreement. Working with these companies is a decision that may not be best for every agent and brokerage, but for those who decide that outsourcing professional design, production, and distribution is the right answer, obtaining a working portfolio can be one of the most telling aspects of the quality that can be expected from a given firm. Companies that are not forthcoming with insurance advertising samples should be avoided, and any given examples should be considered in detail, both for the quality of the design itself, and for the applicability to its intended audience. Excellent insurance advertising agencies will be able to discuss individual portfolio pieces in-depth to give prospective advertisers a more accurate picture of the solution that was provided.

Sampling the world of insurance advertising is one of the most enjoyable aspects of beginning an advertising effort, and when conducted with common sense and care, can help produce a powerful and satisfying campaign that doesn’t come with any nasty unexpected surprises. With the knowledge of past successful advertising efforts and the ability to see precise examples of those campaigns that have previously been developed, insurance agents and brokerages can work towards their own advertising successes with a greater sense of experience and understanding -traits that will remain long after the first campaign is over.

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