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What Are Major Mistakes in Insurance Company Advertising

Envisioning a new advertising product, it’s unlikely that a professional in any field will take the time to consider what precisely they might do wrong, and how badly the campaign might turn out to be as a result. Though it can be of great benefit to make such considerations, it’s far from an appealing task for most people. In the world of insurance, however, the consideration of risk, and of what might go wrong, are elements that help define and legitimize the industry as a whole, and insurance agents and companies are likely to have such considerations in mind throughout various tasks and stages of work -even when it comes to advertising. Staying aware of the risks of any individual choice can go a long way towards avoiding any unpleasant surprises, but it can also be beneficial to investigate and understand common mistakes that are made in insurance company advertising, so that repeat performances can be avoided without the hassle of learning the lesson first-hand.

There are some major mistakes in insurance company advertising that are fairly straightforward and which might be avoided in the first place by ensuring that at least a minimal understanding of modern advertising is reached before a campaign is started. Knowing what kind of people make up an intended audience, and catering a message to them in a precise and individualized way, is an important process that is all to often ignored, leading to wasted expenses and the possibility of creating negative impressions. Targeting auto insurance advertising to groups that are too young to drive or who have likely retired from the activity, or to those concerned about the environment and dedicated to public transport, for instance, can have disastrous results. Choose the wrong place or time to release an advertisement is another fairly common mistake made in the world of insurance company advertising. Plastering a poster anywhere and paying for an air spot on any and all radio stations can have poor results, and such efforts tend to miss the quality prospects who could actually become lucrative sales opportunities.

Other mistakes frequently made by insurance companies when working with advertising are less apparent to the inexperienced, though they can be just as crucial to the success of a campaign. Incorporating trendy images, slogans, or other elements into an insurance advertisement may seem like a fun and convenient way to make an advertisement fresh, or to create appeal to a young or hip audience, but using this technique can often lead to difficulty in disassociating from the time-dependent aspect of the advertisement at a later point, making an insurance company seem out-dated or behind the times. In a similar vein, adopting the techniques and styles of other insurance companies or competitors is a mistake that new and even seasoned advertisers sometimes make, hoping to show audiences that they are just as valuable as other companies. This method, however, often leads to the impression of homogeneity, making it difficult for shoppers to distinguish between firms, so that a simple association, rather than a distinction, is made.

Avoiding common mistakes in insurance company advertising is easy when basic advertising guidelines are followed and care is taken to consider how different variables may have an effect on a campaign. For insurance companies, such considerations may be second nature, though knowing how major blunders are made will bolster the potential to get everything right on the first attempt.

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