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4 Tips for Selling To Online Insurance Leads

Once you’ve established contact with the lead, it’s time to show them why your services are better than the rest. Below are six simple tips to follow to turn your referral into a client!

Warm up with a short conversation about the insurance leads’ insurance needs. Usually 2 or 3 questions can give you a better sense of your insurance leads personal and financial situation

Determine what motivates your insurance leads. Are they looking for simply the lowest price or a specific type of coverage level?

Be confident and enthusiastic. If you are not excited about the insurance you are selling, why should your insurance leads be? This is an important financial decision so exuding confidence in your insurance product can put the client at ease.

Contact the insurance leads as quick as possible before other competition beats you to it. If you can’t turn around an insurance quote right at the time a preliminary contact call or email letting the insurance leads know you have received their information can help. Of course the faster you can provide the insurance quote the better.