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5 Signs of Reliable Life Insurance Prospects

In today’s economy, acquiring insurance leads can be tough. When searching for life insurance prospects that are more reward than risk, it’s important to keep in mind certain variables that will determine the reliability of your leads. While every potential client is different, there are always going to be certain signs that can help you differentiate a bad lead from an excellent potential client.

Sign #1: The insurance lead is obtained through quality provider.

By obtaining your insurance leads from a reputable lead provider, you will be working with a listing of potential clients that is up-to-date, exhaustively detailed, and contains high quality life insurance prospects. Having a solid starting point from which to begin making calls or contacting potential policy holders is an important step towards a successful work day. By eliminating poor quality leads, you save a lot of time and effort.

Sign #2: The lead fills out his or her information fully and accurately.

Nothing shows a sincere interest in obtaining a life insurance policy like an accurately and extensively filled out insurance search form. While some people go online to simply test the waters and get a general feel for what their insurance quote may look like, those who are committed to finding life insurance will take the time to fill out their form in length. With these long-form leads, you’ll have excellent life insurance prospects to work with.

Sign #3: The lead is responsive on the phone.

Few things are worse than calling an insurance lead only to have them try to dodge you or make up excuses for why they cannot talk at the moment. Of course there will be times when you will be requested to call back later, but a polite conversation can go a long ways towards establishing a rapport with your potential client.

Sign #4: The lead lacks preexisting medical conditions which makes him or her a high risk client.

An honest and accurate lead data sheet will give you the information you need to decide whether a potential client is worth offering a policy. It goes without saying that preexisting medical conditions are a major factor when selling life insurance. Choosing life insurance prospects that only have a few previous issues and go out of their way to keep healthy is possible with custom-targeted filters.

Sign #5: The lead shows enthusiasm to work together with his agent or insurer.

It goes without saying that a good rapport can lead to a profitable client. If your insurance lead is responsive on the phone, you may be able to strike up a dialogue where you can openly discuss the terms of his or her potential policy. Should you manage to work up some enthusiasm in your lead for discussing the range of policies he or she is eligible for, you’ll be set for success.