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Create Success with Purchased Insurance Leads

Treat all prospects, online or not, as serious prospects. Some agents get into the habit of devoting less effort to insurance leads that they have no personal contact with. This is a mistake because more people are seriously looking for insurance quotes online and can be as loyal as customers gained through traditional methods.

The greatest part about online insurance leads is every prospect is actively shopping for insurance. Contacting these insurance leads as fast as possible greatly increases your chance of making the sale. Being persistent is key, as the consumer may be shopping around with several different services. Don’t let this deter you, making quick initial contact, leaving brief messages on voicemail or through email tend to increase your closing ratio chances. InsuranceLeads.com has a built in follow up feature for its insurance leads system, that sends up to five emails to the insurance leads prospect on your behalf.

Offer the insurance leads a variety of options for different situations if possible. Remember, you won’t close every insurance lead, but the ROI on online insurance leads is much higher than conventional marketing.