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Designing Effective Insurance Websites

If you have a website or tossing around the idea thinking of creating one, remember that an effective website can go far in bringing in new prospects, but a website without purpose may have the opposite effect.

An inurance website should be professional but not “stuffy;” personal, but not too informal. Your insurance website should accomplish a few basic tasks:

  • Tell the insurance quote shopper what insurance products you offer.
  • Give contact details (phone number, address, email, fax number) for your insurance agency.
  • Be sure to let insurance shoppers know why they should do business with you instead of the competition.

On your website make sure you include these personal touches that make a website more friendly and appealing to an insurance quote shopper:

  • Incorporate testimonials from satisfied clients. Don’t make these up! They must be true accounts.
  • Place your photo somewhere within the website so insurance consumers feel like they are interacting with a live person.
  • Don’t just include a simple contact page. Contact details should be easy to find, but don’t neglect a detailed “About Us” page. This should tell the insurance prospect a little about your professional qualifications, mission statement, business history and other pertinent details about your company.
  • Make known to your insurance prospects available insurance carriers that you work with. You can benefit from not only providing this useful information to the insurance lead, but from the established brand recognition and credibility of the insurance carriers you represent.